[Wolves] Ximian Connector GPLed

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Wed May 12 09:25:44 BST 2004

On Wednesday 12 May 2004 00:16, Jono Bacon wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am sure many of you have heard the news, but if not - Ximian Connector
> (the doobie that allows Evolution to talk with Microsoft Exchange) is
> now under the GPL. I think this is fantastic news and it finally removes
> the barrier for organisations to head over to Linux without forking out
> more money to support Exchange.

I was a big fan of Red Carpet part of the Ximian stable of products of which 
Connector is one. I recently had some problems trying to install KDE 3.2 and 
sought help from the Fedora LUG, when I revealed that I had Red Carpet 
installed and that this said I had dependancy conflicts a member explained 
that there was a known bug/problem with Red Carpet Here is his response:

>"HA!  that's your problem right THERE!  RED CARPET IS A TOOL OF THE DARK 

>ximian repackages alot of gnome tools and makes them unupgradable by
>anything other than a new version of the ximian package of that particular
>tool.  this has been a problem for a long, long time.  if you look at
>archives on redhat.com for upgrading, you'll see that to upgrade from 8 to
>9 (and so on), you need to uninstall EVERY SINGLE XIMIAN PACKAGE first.

>now, what you may want to do is look on the archives for fedora-list and
>check to see how to configure rcd to use apt repositories (there is a way,
>i just don't remember what it was)

>otherwise, just uninstall every package with *ximian* in it's name, and
>then start over.  =]"

I agree there needs to be products to link all OS flavours but maybe a bit 
more work is needed.


Peter Cannon

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