[Wolves] IMAP filtering

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Wed May 12 11:30:30 BST 2004

Jono Bacon spoo'd forth:
> Hi,
>> ...which is NFG if you're using more than one client, for instance
>> SquirrelMail, to read your mail sometimes. I was going to ask about 
>> this. There's procmail, the Swiss Army Lightsabre of mail handling,
>> which can do it (procmail can do _anything_ to do with mail) but it's
>> horrendous. What sort of filtering were you looking to do?
> I am just using the filters in evolution, but I am trying to figure out
> how to apply the filters automatically when I open up my mail instead of
> clicking on the messages and selecting apply filters.

Hm. Evolution should have a way of automatically applying filters.
Saying "I want Evo to do them automatically" is a different thing from
"I want filters to happen before the mail even gets as far as
Evolution". If you want the first, then I'd look at Evo itself; if the
second, procmail. Or there's a tool in Debian called imapfilter (truth
in advertising!) which promises to do this for you...


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