[Wolves] dpkg

Aquarius aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org
Wed May 12 12:34:46 BST 2004

fizzy spoo'd forth:
> --- Aquarius <aquarius-lists at kryogenix.org> wrote: 
>> What are you trying to do, list all your installed
>> packages? If so,
>> then dpkg --list | grep ^i is the way you're
>> supposed to do it :)
> It is?  What a stupid way! Is there any way of getting
> rid of rc pacakages, or will I just have to get rid of
> the packages that want to install them? 

Um, they're not installed or anything. It's just advising you about
them. Why is this a major problem?


PS. Date should be *actually* fixed now. It is helpful when setting
the date if you actually know what the date *is*.

from string import *;import re,base64;w=base64.decodestring('YXF1YXJp'+
'dXNAa3J5b2dlbml4Lm9yZw==');u='['+lowercase+']';print re.sub(u,'-',w)
while filter(lambda x: x in u,w): s=raw_input('Letter:');u=filter\
(lambda x: x != s,u);print re.sub(u,'-',w)

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