[Wolves] WolvesLugWiki

Rob Annable rob at annable.co.uk
Thu May 13 08:55:45 BST 2004

bambam at opendildonics.org wrote:
>>access - completely open (as it is now) or restricted to LUG members? I
>>think open should be fine.
> Sure, but keep a week's worth of daily backups (shouldn't
> take up too much space) and how can we add new catagories
> and sections?
> bambam

Hi bambam,

Sorry it took me a few days to reply. There isn't an option to backup 
within the wiki itself, but I guess we could set up some sort of cron job.

The best way to add new categories or sections would be to add it's 
title to the front page (or on the already existing page it relates to). 
You'll then get a green question mark after the title - click on it and 
you'll go to the new page so that you can start editing.

The other option is to simply add the title to the address line, eg:


and it will create the page. However, this method means that there is no 
link from other pages to find it with.

Also check the 'How' section on the front page for more comments.

I'll post more details over the next few days.


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