[Wolves] Argh

John J. Smith smid at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon May 24 11:08:51 BST 2004

sparkes wrote:

>On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 18:43, John J. Smith wrote:
>>I tried the Debian installer to put a version of the OS on /dev/hdd1 (I 
>>have a few old IDE
>>drives to use for alternative OS's). Now its screwed up the partition 
>>table on hda. Rescue
>>disk for mandrake cant find the root partition... Any ideas?
>>I just want a couple of bits of stuff off the main disk (bookmarks, mail 
>>sent etc), any ideas?
>assuming you are using lilo as your boot manager you need to boot into
>debian and add the extra OS's to the /etc/lilo.conf file
And how exactly do I boot into debian? I'll restate. It borked my 
bootable hard disk.

Mandrake rescue wouldnt even mount /dev/hda1 it didnt see it. Have to 
have an /etc/lilo.conf
in order to run lilo on it, right?

>after you have added them you need to run lilo so it picks up on them
>before rebooting and testing the other configs.
>The debian installer has a little bit where it adds different OS's to
>your config perhaps you are using reiserfs or something else unusual on
>the other partitions and this is why the debian installer didn't see
It didnt really give me that choice. It said "install bootloader" and it 
has /dev/hda (rather than
/dev/hda1, multiple partitions on the main disk, mainly because of OS 
and swap). This appears
to bork it. I guess in retrospect I should have said /dev/hda1, but it 
doesnt help that the
default option (which is frankly unlikely, since everyone needs a swap 
partition), destroys other
OS's. Bit like windows NT used to remove OS2? :)

Sparkes, can you fix you clock BTW :)


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