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Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 12:33:41 BST 2004

I had a look at http://computermarkets.co.uk/ and the
fair this weekend is at Dunstall Racecourse.

For those of you coming via the Wolverhampton city
centre/Ring Road direction, you want the A449 towards
Stafford, then probably about a mile or 2 later you
want to be looking for signs to the Racecourse, it
will be a left hander at the 2nd (I think) island,
then the racecourse is your first right.

For those of you coming from the opposite direction,
come in via the A449 towards Wolverhampton from the
Stafford direction via the Coven M54 island. You have
a few miles to go before hitting an island just after
the Wolverhampton Science Park and theres a little
McDonalds on your left. At this island you want to go
right. Then, as above, the Racecourse is your first

If you're not sure where you're coming from, head for
the city centre, get on the ring road and take the
A449 towards Stafford as per the first set of

When you get to the racecourse, there are some houses
on the road leading up to it before you enter the car
park, go into the car park on your left and park
somewhere in the middle. You should be able to follow
the crowd to the fair, but basically it will be right
in front of you.




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