[Wolves] Episode 8 LugRadio and the elections

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Thu May 27 15:47:00 BST 2004

Andy Hill wrote:
>  > This is not true. I said that if you come along toa
LUG you will meet
>>people on a more face to face social level. These kinds of social
>>relationships are more pertinant than net based ones in many cases. I
>>would love to meet everyone off this list, but I feel I know the people
>>who do come ot LUG meetings better. I suspect that this occurs for
>>others too. This does mean regular meets - I have only met Mo once
>>AFAIK, and I have only met Rob Annable once, but I
>>feel I know them both better now.
>>If you are expecting dry technical discussion, I
>>fear you will be
>>disappointed with Wolves LUG.
> You are correct I am diappointed.  But my point still
> stands that certain people are allowed to  ramble on
> about anything they want to this LUG, and other people
> cant.

Oh do please grow up.

Wants his ball back

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