[Wolves] Episode 8 LugRadio and the elections

Mark Cook mark at centro-webnet.co.uk
Thu May 27 16:14:50 BST 2004

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> > > Cue talk about the inner ring/circle...
> > >
> > > So is there an inner ring/circle?
> >
> > It is often joked about. If there is, it is people who have simply known
> > each other longer. I don't think we have a real inner circle though. You
> > naturally makes friends who you get on with more than others, but there
> > is no inner ring peice per-say.
> The inner circle thing is just a joke.  People are accepted into the
> inner circle as soon as we meet them ;-)  Ask josh, david, kat, Ade,
> trig and any number of other people who where part of the group as soon
> as they turned up for the first meeting.
> some people can't attend many meetings due to circumstances beyond their
> control but as soon as they do they too are dragged down to our level
> pretty quickly,  people such as Mo can confirm that they where accepted
> immediatly and that never goes away
> We should really have a one off get together on a different night so we
> can get to meet people who Wednesdays are difficult for.
That sounds like a good idea, because sometimes wednesdays are a bit awkward
for me.



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