[Wolves] ADSL providers

david at codepoets.co.uk david at codepoets.co.uk
Mon Nov 1 08:48:02 GMT 2004

>> Linux-supported. He doesn't mind spending a little extra money 
>> (fifty quid or so) to buy an ADSL router or something if that's 
>> useful. He doesn't want a monthly download cap on whichever service 
>> he gets (none of this 5GB/month maximum or anything).

I'd recommend getting a seperate adsl box (you can get them for about 
50 quid i
guess). I've heard good things about http://www.Solwise.co.uk, avoid Netgear
stuff if you can, as I've found them to be a bit sh1t.

> Take a look at freedom to surf <http://www.f2s.com> Reasonably priced,
> reliable and they use Linux/OSS on their servers.

Try http://www.bytemark.co.uk....


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