[Wolves] using GNU Screen to join two terminals?

Schwuk schwuk at schwuk.com
Mon Nov 1 17:04:21 GMT 2004

On Mon, 2004-11-01 at 14:49, Stuart Langridge wrote:
> Can person X start an app in screen and then person Y attach to that
> screen, so they can both simultaneously view it? Like VNC but for text
> consoles?

Yes, but slightly more involved... I using screen 4.00.02 - screen must
also be compiled with multiuser enabled. It will also need to be suid
root (chmod +s /usr/bin/screen).

Step 1 (as user1):

Assuming you have screen running, press [Ctrl]+[a], then type

  :multiuser on

The title bar should flash "Multiuser mode enabled".

Step 2 (still as user1):

Press [Ctrl]+[a], then type

  :acladd username

Where username is the user you want to be able access your screen, so we
would use user2.

Step 3 (as user2):

Launch screen with:

  screen -x user1/

You should then be connected to user1's screen. As well as 'acladd'
there are also 'aclchg', 'acldel', and 'aclgrp' commands for controlling
who can access your screen, and what they can do (you can make them

To see who's connected to your session, [Ctrl]+[a], [*].

To prevent people from (temporarily) editing all of your windows,
[Ctrl]+[a], ':writelock on'. ':writelock off' to remove it. If people
have write permissions, they can 'steal' writelock off you...

To prevent someone from editing any of your windows, [Ctrl]+[a],
':aclchg username -w "#"'.

Dave Murphy (aka Schwuk)
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