[Wolves] ADSL providers

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Tue Nov 2 09:00:39 GMT 2004

> Oo. I didn't realise that they do ADSL. That looks like the way frward 
> for me. So, people are recommending that he buy a separate ADSL modem 
> device, yes?

I would - yes. For a number of reasons :

1) He may not have a PC which can be dedicated to the task of acting as 
a firewall/gateway etc.
2) He may not have the knowledge to setup a firewall (or wish to 
bother). All standalone devices do NAT/Firewalling/Port forwarding for 
you, through a simple web interface
3) He may not want to keep a PC on 24/7....
4) The standalone devices are normally easy to configure, and deploy; 
saving your time and effort.
5) Cost - they're now quite cheap (50ish quid).

Having said the above, I've absolutely no idea what Linux's support for 
ADSL modems (PCI or USB) is like. It may, for all I know, be excellent - 
I've just not used it.


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