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David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Sun Nov 7 09:15:59 GMT 2004

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Mo Awkati wrote:
| Hi folk
| In exploring the software I have with my SUSE distro,
| I found a programme called build2004.5.25 and the
| description was that it is for building RPMs. My
| questions are
| 1. What is it really for, ie is it to build RPMs like
| the ones I have used so far to install software? How
| easy is it to use?
| 2. Do I use source files?I presume I have to compile
| first.

Hi Mo,

I can't talk for SuSE, but on RedHat there is a program / package called
"rpmbuild" (rpm -b does the same if i remember correctly).

Essentially you download the .src.rpm packages, which contain the source
and build instructions, and install them. You'll then find stuff in
/usr/src/redhat/XXXXXX where XXXX is something like SRC, SPECS, BUILD or

The SPECS directory contains the configuration flags etc for a package,
and i _think_ you compile the package with something like :

rpm -ba something.spec

Once this is done you'll find .rpm's in the RPMs directory.

There are numerous flags you can pass the .spec file, and it can also be
edited as well.

As you're compiling stuff you'll need to have compilers and -dev
packages installed on your system.

Is that of any use?

On the other hand, you could get a .tar.gz and spend a fair bit of time
making that into a .src.rpm package (writing a spec file and putting the
things in teh correct place etc). I've not done that, so I can't help
you there.


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