[Wolves] Ubuntu trials

Jono Bacon jono at jonobacon.org
Tue Nov 9 15:45:10 GMT 2004

David Goodwin wrote:

>> If I may be permitted a little blaspheme, I'm afraid to say that in my
>> experience WiFi under Windoze has proved to be flawless and easy.  I'm
>> hoping you guys can help me make it the same in Linux...
> Once you get the hardware working it's just the same... Kat uses it 
> nightly with no problems.
> (pcmcia el-cheapo dabs card, atmel chipset)
This is the issue though. Because the wireless manufacturers are as 
freaky about drivers as the graphics card makers, you need to research 
your purposes. When you know there is a driver for your card, bingo.

If in doubt, get one of the Belkin cards. Both the PCI and PCMCIA cards 
work great.


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