[Wolves] Telewest Blueyonder just got even FASTER !

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Thu Nov 11 14:01:43 GMT 2004

sparkes wrote:
> Chris Ball wrote:
>>> I think upload is still 128k :( ? ?
>> that's a bit pap then :( I don't see why uploads always so low :(
> because when uploads are cheap people abuse them and companies have to 
> spend extra money on policing them.  Imagine if you gave everyone the 
> power to share kiddie pr0n at high speed.  How much extra would it cost 
> the isps to do the courts dirty work?  Every pipe in the connection 
> potentially has this extra cost associated with it and it all adds up 
> for companies like telewest who buy bandwidth from many companies.

Actually I think this is known as 'their excuse'.  I can't really see 
the ISPs being held responsible for content held on their customers' PCs 
(other than realistic lead time when it comes to accounts being frozen 
etc when they get told about an infringement) any more than I can see it 
for hosting companies.

They periodically check who is running servers on BY anyway.  Or at 
least they did, when I had it.

> this is why tradionally upload speed costs more than downloads.  Besides 
> it creates demand for other products companies might sell such as SDSL 
> and business broadband that normally come at a much higher cost because 
> of the scarcity of cheap upload connections.

...and this is 'their real reason'.  :)  I think they just want to make 
money out of people who want to run servers 'legitimately'.

Just my tuppence worth.


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