[Wolves] Kernel header (include) files

kev adams kev at magicmoon.co.uk
Thu Nov 11 20:39:01 GMT 2004

On Thursday 11 Nov 2004 19:58, Mo Awkati wrote:
> Hi
> You know I recently posted about converting people
> over to Linux. Well its going well. :-)
Brill - seems to be getting easier as the desktop becomes more intuitive.  My 
last remaining doubts are having to explain to newbys how to find & remove 
lock files etc.

> Also downloaded check.sh when I try to run it as root
> I get permission denied.
Check that check.sh is executable. When you type ls -l the permissions for 
check.sh should show an x in the fourth colum from the left as below
If not type 
chmod 700 check.sh 
to make it executable.

Hope that helps

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