[Wolves] ADSL Contention ratio

fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 12 13:41:10 GMT 2004

 --- Jon Farmer <jonfarmer at enta.net> wrote: 
> Well I have 2Mb 20:1 at home for free. :-)

I can't even get dial up at the moment! 

BT say that because my flat isn't listen on their
computer they will have to send an engineer to look at
my flat, and confirm there really is a phone socket
and then go home again.  

Apart from this being stupid, they also can only send
someone in the week, meaning I would have to take time
off work.  Then in a final insult they don't have
anyone available until next year!! I dunno, you try to
give them money...  

Sadly I can't get telewest so I guess I'm stuck with
BT :(

> Jon Farmer

Bloody B3ta loving, iPod wearing fool, in my skate tshirts and duffle coat.

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