[Wolves] Newbie

Derek derek.gandy at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Nov 15 11:42:12 GMT 2004

Kevanf1 wrote:

>>Hi Kevan
>>I could not agree more, I became very disillusioned with windows so I
>>thought why not give Linux a go,
>>and now I prefer It.
>>Regards Derek
>I just wish I could move over entirely to Linux.  At the moment I
>can't as I'm running a program that was originally written for Win 3.1
>and has been slightly upgraded for later versions.  I do not know how
>it would run under Wine and as it is very mission critical I don't
>want to mess about with.  I should be finished with it in about 6
>months so then I can look more at moving the other PC over to Linux
At the moment I'm still dual booting but about 20% of my time is using 
windows if I could ditch it I would.

Regards Derek

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