[Wolves] Red Hat Enterprise Server

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Fri Nov 19 16:17:53 GMT 2004

> What do you think of Red Hat Enterprise Server 3?
> Newsforge has an article about Solaris and keeps 
> talking of RHELES3 as tho' it were a bit naff.
> Any thoughts, anyone?
> Matthew.

The article seems to boil down to "Sun dont like
Redhat but they're wrong because Suse is great (p.s.
Solaris 10 is pretty good... but its from Sun and Sun
wont open source Java so they're wrong)"

Anybody who's idea of filesystem inovation on Linux
consists of XFS (ported to Linux from IRIX) and JFS
(ported to Linux from IBM) probably needs a small
tickling with the clue stick.

Sun are making something of a meal of their response
to Linux and their marketing is still struggling to
get itself pointed in the right direction but some
people seem to regard them as worse then microsoft.
They could give away free money, cure world famine and
bankrupt themselves making everything they have open
and some people would still find things to moan about.


p.s. listened to LUGRadio earlier, is it just me or
does Aq have a day job being Mark Steel (its a
Radio/BBC 4 thing)

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