[Wolves] Fantastic Linux Howto's

Andrew Lewis andrew at monkeysailor.co.uk
Fri Nov 19 20:41:26 GMT 2004

Hi guys,

I thoroughly recommend visiting the SGI homepage and signing up to their
'supportfolio' - There are some fantastic linux howto's... They cover
lots of subjects and are very detailed. 

In case you're wondering, yes, I do own an SGI, and I love it.Someday
soon, I will get linux on the thing, but for now it is a win2K beast.
There is a suse distro/patch/tools available, but because SGI do not
have a standard BIOS - or even a non standard  BIOS- it's not the
easiest install, and I don't want to hose it by accident.

Have a good one!

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