[Wolves] Ubuntu Trial

Martyn Carey lists at kryogenix.co.uk
Wed Nov 24 17:54:11 GMT 2004

Hi Guys,

I have now been using ubuntu on my laptop for a month and it is
excellent. I know brown conjures up images of poo but its so far from
all the blue and grey you get with windoze i love it.

There are only two real issues i have which are quite small, my wireless
card doesn't work a us robotics 125mb turbo thingie and sometimes when i
save open office docs, and email them to windoze users the text looks
slightly odd. by the by really.

I think evolution is quite bloaty if you dont have need for exchange or
groupwise or if you simply want to send/receive mail for that matter.

Apt is probably the best package management i have ever come across i
have finally got through the how to on the debian site and it has been
working great.

Thanks to you guys i now have desktop worthy of being called one! Thanks
because if wasnt for this mailing list my computer would still be slow
as pants..



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