[Wolves] Fame at Last for Ade

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 25 23:06:06 GMT 2004

Jono Bacon wrote:

> Barbie wrote:
>> Just bought the latest copy of Linux Format (LXF61). In Jono's KDE 
>> Development tutorial, p96, Ade gets a half page picture all to 
>> himself :)

>> PS: I take it the motley bunch on the other page are "the band".
> Thats right. :)
>    Jono
The Wolves LUG is taking over. I'm on the letters page too! Is there a 
mini-Aq in Jono's photos?

I'm not convinced by LF's reply though. Would increasing subscriptions 
while at the same time reducing CD/DVD production and transportation 
costs really make life much more complicated for the publishers? Would 
any other regular readers with broadband prefer not to have the disc 
every month in return for a cost saving?

I don't want to be on any photograph of the LUG meet. As an employee of 
a certain power company, I can't afford to be associated with the 
foul-mouthed anarchists of LUG Radio. On the other hand, as a Firefox 
user ...
[ I'm trying to get something done about it, using a very ****ing 
censored transcript to demonstrate customer disatisfaction ]


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