[Wolves] Funny as hell

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 29 18:31:39 GMT 2004

 --- sparkes <sparkes at westmids.biz> wrote: 

> I wish I had grabbed it when I saw it this morning. 
> The screengrab at 
> the register might be authentic but it looks too dam
> silly when it's 
> shrunk at original size it was way funnier ;-)

I had a quick scan through my cache and reproduced it
at http://www.scit.wlv.ac.uk/~a0083206/sco/

It's a bit of a hack to be honest (oh the irony), it's
the current page, with the hacked jpeg in it. The page
hasn't changed at all since this morning apart from
removing the offending item, so my reproduction is
exactly how it was this morning.

Ad - Notes there is no copyright notice on the page :)



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