[Wolves] Debian (and derivatives) users for beta test required

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 1 00:59:39 BST 2004

sparkes wrote:

> ...I'm aiming for something of total simplicity.  Synaptic is very 
> much overkill ;-)  I can't see what's wrong with apt-get myself but 
> others don't see it the same way ;-)

I don't see much functional difference between the Apple OS X updater 
and the Fedora revision of up2date with yum (I haven't tried apt), other 
than that Apple have more control over the location of the download 
files. I haven't needed to work out how either of them function yet 
though. I'm using the 'ancient' Core 1 which  has just moved into a 
quiet backwater so I may need to hack some config files soon..The only 
weakness I've noticed is that 'nothing to update' and 'that URI is 
pointing into a black hole' behave in a  very similar way, presumably in 
case the Net goes temporarily AWOL.


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