[Wolves] Prize up for grabs!!

Wayne morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Fri Oct 1 20:09:54 BST 2004

> I originally thought of the 'best sucky up-to email' but thats pants so 
> lets
> have the best/funniest fault/fault call as an example:

My favourite ever service call out was to a printing machine at Stoke 
Council operated by a really sexy young blonde girl, all the lads used to 
compete to
do the calls there, she was that horny looking.
This machine had a red trip switch on the motor which would pop out if the 
motor was working too hard and to reset it you had to lie under the machine 
reach up inside the machine.

Anyway, I got there one day to the immortal line from this girl

"I've been laying on my back all morning, rubbing my red button, can you 

I had to go and sit down for ten mins! 

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