[Wolves] Prize up for grabs!!

Kevan kevanf1 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 1 21:36:54 BST 2004

 --- Peter Cannon <peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk>
> Hi All
> What should have been a brilliant Friday is slowly
> going down hill fast, 
> Bloody Customers!
> Everyone is out and I planned to do lots of
> personnel stuff, fat chance.
> Anyway; I have won yet another full version of Suse
> Pro 9.1 as I already have 
> this I will give this away to a good home I should
> take delivery around 
> October 1st.
> Now comes the catch, as a giggle and seeing as I had
> to enter a competition to 
> win it I thought we could have a laugh and have our
> own little contest.
> I originally thought of the 'best sucky up-to email'
> but thats pants so lets 
> have the best/funniest fault/fault call as an
> example:
> Customer: We cant log on to the server
> Me: Have you re-booted the server?
> Customer: I'll do it now and ring you back
> 5 Min's later
> Me: Did you re-boot the server?
> Customer: I cant
> Me: Why?
> Customer: Its not there! its been nicked!
> Thats a true one I have many more, so come on whats
> yours (no forgeries 
> please) and lets all have a laugh.
> What we can do is all take a vote, say Monday to
> decide the winner (I think 
> thats fair?)
> -- 
> Regards
> Peter Cannon
> peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
> "There is every excuse for not knowing!"
> "But there is no excuse for not asking!"

Peter, I don't think I can match that one mate :-)

My contribution for this is not a personal experience
but it did happen to group of colleagues and is
perhaps more along the lines of frustrated technical

Prior to my having to retire due to ill health -
arthritis - I worked at Wolves Uni.  I was based at
Telford Campus and we did all of our technical
upgrades and repairs ourselves.  Not too long ago a
new campus wide IT team was initiated.  One of my
friends and colleagues - who I trained up myself -
very, very proud of her too - got a call.

"My PC is broke", said the caller.

"OK", said Tina.  "What's wrong?"

"The screen is dead".

At this point, Tina - my colleague - goes through the
usual spiel of checking over the phone.  Stuff like
are there any lights on?  Is there any noise coming
from the PC itself?

"No, nothing."  Caller says.

"er, it is switched on" says Tina.

"Oh yes".

So at this point poor Tina has to leave her tea and
chocolate biscuits to physically check the callers PC.

So what does she find when she gets there?  The PC is
not even plugged in....

Just to compound matters her department got exactly
the same person calling again the next day.  Same
'fault'.  They were asked if the PC was plugged in
this time and were assured that "yes, it definitely

Her boss went this time....the PC was unplugged....

I believe the air was blue and not from the dreaded
blue screen of death.

Take care.


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