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I agree totally that by educating people and aiming at schools is a good 

You miss one big problem windows engineers/support companys are two a penny 
and cost of replacing them with more sophisticated support (i.e Linux 
engineers) outweighs the price savings! As i said RM are windoze biased and 
do get huge discounts.

Going to start a flame war here but win engineers know how to click a few 
boxes to get stuff to work wheras linux command line engineers need to know 
how things work. You try getting bind to work without knowing what dns is, 
or postfix without knowing smtp. Exchange server and dns on windoze is a few 
wizards and a couple of tick boxes to get it going!

I think you get my point?

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> Jono Bacon wrote:
>> Martyn Carey wrote:
>>> They get huge discounts on ms products
>>> Also as a bit of a downer i think RM who supply the majority of school 
>>> PC's only use WIN crap
>>> Nice thought though!
>> I agree with Mo. This is one of the best ways to advocate Linux. IF you 
>> want to help out in this area Mo, have a look at Schoolforge 
>> (http://www.schoolforge.net/).
> in keeping with the current move to ubuntu on the list see 
> http://www.schooltool.org/ also funded by Mark Shuttleworth.
> Also I can't believe jono missed to opportunity to tout infopoint 
> http://www.jonobacon.org/infopoint
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