[Wolves] Promoting Linux

Mo Awkati mawkati at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Oct 2 10:44:24 BST 2004

 Hi Jono
> I agree with Mo. This is one of the best ways to
> advocate Linux. IF you 
> want to help out in this area Mo, have a look at
> Schoolforge 
> (http://www.schoolforge.net/).
>     Jono

I had a quick peek at the schoolforge just, I'll have
a better look at it later. Adam is also right I think
I'll acquire a machine and put all the games on it (I
don't want mine messed with!!). I just wished that
game developers add Linux to their platforms, what is
so annoying is when you get responses like "but they
(children) want to play with the SIMS?" I could
scream!! There are hundreds of games that run on
Linux, in fact I have a DVD from LXF with over 500
games on it! Doesn't Playstation 2 run on Linux???


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