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Mo Awkati wrote: I think the best place to start promoting Linux is at
schools, not to corporate giants.

I would agree but it often seems to be overlooked that Universities and
Colleges (certainly one's I am familiar with) seem wedded to Microsoft
architecture and apps - often a case of inertia on the part of the IT
services department there seems to be little motivation to adopt Open Source
software (even Open Office in its Windows port is not used) despite the cost
of licenses.

I know members of the teaching staff push for Open Source software but
seemingly with little success currently - what is the answer?

Meanwhile I have to retain Windows software in my system to interact
(essential) with the University system.

It would seem to me that one place to promote Open Source software is in
Universities and Colleges of FE as well as schools.

Philip Moore

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Hi folk

Today has been a really sad day for me. I lost too
battles against Microsoft XP, One close to home and
one with a friend. At home I had to install XP on my
son's pc. I lost the battle to the Boss as she
insisted that this is what they use at school. I lost
the second with a friend for the same reasons. :-(

I think the best place to start promoting Linux is at
schools, not to corporate giants. Like the example in
the MAILSERVER LXF this month.

I think we ought to go to school fayres with a big
cuddley Tux as a prize!!!


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