[Wolves] O2 web mail - Firefox/Linux ban?

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Sun Oct 3 17:27:49 BST 2004

Helen Randle wrote:

>Matt Warwick wrote:
>>I wonder how the web based e-mail client they use at Wolves looks on Linux
>>with Firefox though, I think they use exchange with an Outlook interface
>which works best in IE (unsurprisingly). It works surprisingly well, but I think that's down to how good Firefox is. 
This is a marked contrast to my current experiences with O2 and 
Nottingham University which both say that Internet Explorer is the only 
browser their email systems support.

My daughter has just gone to Nottingham Uni. She has net access in her 
room and a shiny new Apple iBook. She has net access but there is only 
support for Windows PCs and they explicitly state that the Novell 
Groupware email system won't work with Apples or Linux.. I suggested 
that since she has an O2 mobile phone she started using their web mail 

I am also an O2 customer. On my first attempt to use the service it 
recognised that I was using Mozilla and told me I needed to upgrade to a 
later version. Since I was using the latest stable version of Firefox, I 
logged a call. The following day I discovered that web mail had started 
to work for me using Firefox on Windows and my daughter confirmed that 
it was working for her using OS X's  Safari. A day later O2 responded to 
say that I should replace Mozilla with Internet Explorer and that the 
Windows OS was the only one that would work. I politely pointed out the 
difficulties with that approach for someone who spent most of their time 
using Linux. I've since had a couple of splurges of random information 
only loosely related to my problem.My daughter used the service for a 
week but it broke again a couple of days ago. I've just advised her to 
transfer her custom to Yahoo as reward for their recent port of 
Messenger to Unix.

If there are any other O2 customers out there (or if you are considering 
moving to their network) then I suggest you let O2 know that you would 
like them to support all standard browsers on any OS. I believe we have 
the consumer power to change things. I'll report back if I have any more 


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