[Wolves] Incorrect map drive sizes

Wayne morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Mon Oct 4 10:43:32 BST 2004

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From: Wayne morris
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Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 2:40 AM
Subject: [Wolves] Incorrect map drive sizes

Further to an earlier query where I couln't get my Itunes to work with my 
samba share - over a certain file size Itunes wouldn't copy it.

On futher examination I find that looking at the properties tab for the 
network mapped drive, it shows a ntfs file system, with a capacity of
250Mb and an available space of 7mb (itunes report not enough space at 
around 6mb).
The drive in question is actually 80Gb with 40GB space.

Anyone have any idea whats going on here?

Worked out whats going on here : the 80gb drive is actually mounted in the 
/var/html/www/ directory - and /var is only a 250mb partition with 7mb free,
so the winzoze box is seeing the size of /var rather than the actual drive. 
Anyway round this?


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