[Wolves] EEprom corruption

Wayne morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Mon Oct 4 12:47:02 BST 2004

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Subject: [Wolves] EEprom corruption

> Hiya,
> Does anyone knwo what exactly this is. I have a rough idea but im not
> usre. We have a machien here that has the eeprom (on the NIC) corrupt
> whenever it powers down.
> We're just getting the nic replaced, cuz i cant be bothered really too
> much to get done.
> I know the eeprom is a rom that can be erased with a small electronic
> current, and that its on the nic, so im just guessing the rest.

Your mostly right, but afaik an eeprom can only be erased in an eraser, not 
in the piece of kit it is fitted too.
Likewise can only be programmed by w programmer.
So if it is corrupted, it should be corrupted for good - ie the NIC will not 
be able to reprog it.

Different case if it is a flash prom. 

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