[Wolves] EEprom corruption

Simon Burke simon.burke at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 10:01:18 BST 2004

> Simon Burke wrote:
> > We have a machien here that has the eeprom (on the NIC) corrupt
> > whenever it powers down.
> Please further ellaborate here.
Well the issue is that while the machine is up and runing the NIC is
very touchy and unreliable (like a few ex's), but when you power the
machine down it logs the eeprom corruption error.
> Is it that you need to replace the EEPROM every time you power down the
> card? This sounds very unusual.
> > We're just getting the nic replaced, cuz i cant be bothered really too
> > much to get done.
> Bring it to the Linux Expo, I'll take it apart.
Unfortunatly i am not coming to this one, dont have enougth holiday to
come, but next time maybe.

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