[Wolves] Incorrect map drive sizes

Wayne morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Tue Oct 5 15:18:52 BST 2004

>> Worked out whats going on here : the 80gb drive is actually mounted in 
>> the /var/html/www/ directory - and /var is only a 250mb partition with 
>> 7mb free,
>> so the winzoze box is seeing the size of /var rather than the actual 
>> drive. Anyway round this?
> What are you sharing? "/var"?  Try sharing "/var/html/www" instead.
> Also, Samba has an option for lying about the size of a given share, "max 
> disk size".  Worth investigating.
> -- 
> Peter Oliver
Mmm 'Nail on head' probably, though I haven't tried it yet - makes a lot of 

80gb drive is actually mounted as


and the share is actually


and the network drive thus actually //webserve/html/80gbdrive and thus 
reports the size of /var

You are a star Peter, completely unlike the argumentative exterior you try 
to cultivate ;-)

Thanks Wayne

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