[Wolves] not a linux question but...

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Your users will be able to collect mail!
POP3 is the better method if you are linking two offices the reason is that 
domain logons are notoriously slow over a vpn. Microsh*t does weird thinks 
over the network!

If you are doing router to router you do not need the sbs box to do anything 
as long as you are not using proxy (sorry ISA) as your firewall. If you do 
use ISA then you need to allow all sorts of ports through for a vpn. Might 
as well not bother with any type of firewall if you rely on this anyway! 
(Chocolate firegrate)

If you change to linux, the router to router vpn would not change if you 
enable imap/pop3 collection. Unless you change the ip address of course then 
you will need to reconfigure the clients.

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> i'm setting up VPN up soon, (just waiting for BT.. grr) and i wondered if 
> users at the outside office, would beable to get there emails from our 
> exchange server over the VPN, if it's just connected as router to 
> router...
> would i have to connect the outside office's router to our SBS 2000 vpn 
> server?
> and if i changed over to a samba/open exchange server set up would i have 
> to do the same thing?
> i'll google this aswell, but if anyone has any advice it would be much 
> appreciated
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