list was Re: [Wolves] Meet this week?

Kevan kevanf1 at
Wed Oct 6 15:25:39 BST 2004

Hi all.  I was hoping to come and put some faces to
names but I am otherwise engaged tonight :-(  Next
time hopefully....

In the meantime..

In this day and age of ADSL broadband I am still
having to use 56k dial up.  It's a matter of cost at
the moment.  So, with this in mind can anybody
recommend a reliable but low cost dial in ISP?  I'm
with an ISP called Firenet at the moment but just
lately the service is apalling.  I find I'm having to
wait anything up to an hour to connect.  Which ain't
on!!!  I have complained and all I get is that it is
not their end as they have a consistent 10:1 ratio. 
It's not just one PC and one modem I've ruled that out
as I have the same problem on two entirely separate
machines.  I don't think it's the phone line either as
I can connect first time everytime with a pay as you
go number - different ISP but more expensive.

Any ideas?



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