[Wolves] Also just joined...

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Thu Oct 7 22:29:07 BST 2004

Schwuk wrote:
> ...based on a conversation with Jono and Aq in the pub last night. Doubt 
> I'll make it to many meetings though - long trek from up t'north!

perhaps, eventully, we will make a Cumbria Lug meeting ;-)

> The depressing thing is, since subscribing this afternoon I've already 
> received almost as many mails as the last two months of Cumbria LUG 
> combined! :(

jesus, I thought you lot where chatty ;-) The three (I think) members of 
  CLUG I have had contact with all seem to get their opinons known ;-)

> Cheers,

laters Schwuk

t:07005 968 999 f:07005 968 888

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