[Wolves] KDE 3.2 gone really slooow

Jayne Heger jayneheger at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 19:24:25 BST 2004

Hello everyone!

I got back from work today switched on my PC only to find my machine
was acting really, really slow, and I mean slow, even trying to bring
up a console in KDE was taking 2/3 mins and then it would redraw the
So I logged into a terminal, even that took longer than it would
normally, so then I had to klll X as everything was grinding to a
halt, it felt like I was on a 486 machine!
anyway, I did init 3  and everything seemed ok, I found nothing out of
the ordinary in my log files.
So now I went back into init 5,  and am using KDE again, it is a
little faster so I can actually use the PC but it is still not as fast
as it usually is, and even clicking on the KDE kicker bar takes a long
I have looked in Top and found no processes hogging up my machine.
So I am stumped..

Has anyone any ideas on what has gone wrong?, I think I have narrowed
it down to KDE, I don't think its X. (mid you I'll try a different
windowmanager and see just to make sure)



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