[Wolves] O/T - Ladies and Gentlemen...

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Sat Oct 16 14:14:21 BST 2004

Stuart Langridge wrote:
> Peter Oliver wrote:
>> That's this weekend.  I noticed yesterday that, for anyone too cheap 
>> to buy a ticket to see them at The Academy, they'll be appearing in a 
>> record shop just around the corner on Sunday lunchtime.  You knows it.
> Really? Nice one, you clart. I might make a trip into Birmingham then, 
> although I'd have to borrow a tracksuit off someone :)

errrrrr, yuk.  What a thought I was going to say do they make them in 
that size but I have just done some shopping in Bilston and not only do 
that make them in that size but it seems derigur to wear them today as 
well.  I even saw a stall on the outdoor market selling big thick goldie 
looking chains for a couple of quid and the bling factor on the chavs 
rose accordingly.  Now if only their wives would find knickers in the 
correct size cos it doesn't matter how large your golden clown trinket 
is your vpl should at the most be visable and not a fscking railway 
cutting ;-)

oh and Aq don't get a black trackie or you will look like a Duralcel D 
cell battery that's been hit with a hammer ;-)
> Aq.

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