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Just completed a computing and AI degree and have now moved on to do an
MSc - in my experience there is no viable alternative to using Windows as
Windows architecture is (as far as I can tell) virtually universal.

If you wish to work at home and use the University networked installation
(as is practically unavoidable) you will need to use a Windows OS.  You
could always try Wine or Cross Office but there are limits (Ihave found
these to be a problem) due to the range and scope of the programs used at
Univeristies with many not supported.

Dual booting is a sensible option as there is a desktop link to your Windows
C drive.

Philip Moore

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Well im considering going to od a comp science degree at wolves uni
next year, and i just wondered if anyone knows how bad it is?

and as i finally got rid of my last windoze machine this weekend, to
use ubuntu, which has grew on me, after i change the default graphics
on the RC. Do you think id have to get a windoze install on an machine
somewhere to be able to do the course?

Theres no place like ::1


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