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sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Tue Oct 19 09:32:29 BST 2004

Simon Burke wrote:
> Ish,
> I mean getting the M$ virtual pc software working on *nix, or a
> software simular, so i can have a virtual copy of M$ windoze knocking
> about. Come to think about it i think there is some simular software
> but i cant remember what it is.
on i386 you can use wine or vmware.

on other arches (like mips) you are currently stuffed.  There used to be 
some free vmware clones that included full pc architecture cloning 
(including emulating the pentium) but they all gave up and moved over to 
virtualisation like vmware meaning they are now dependant on i386 

So you are stuffed.  Along with the rest of us that use none intel based 


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