[Wolves] O/T 3G phones - 3 and the Nokia 7600

Mark R. Trotman mark at armscroft.com
Wed Oct 20 09:45:19 BST 2004

Just some random ramblings on my experiences with 3

The minutes/texts bundle is very competitive, personally I have 500 
minutes any network, anytime for £25 a month. I couldn't get anywhere 
close to this with the other big players in the market.

I have found the network to be OK... whatever that really means! Yes, 
I've had dropped calls (but not enough to cause me a major concern) and 
this used to be common when vodaphone started out. I expect things to 
improve as they expand the network.

If you just want a phone for telephony / texting then at the cost, 
particularly £15 pm, it's worthwhile. If on the other hand you want all 
the 3G stuff, I found it got very expensive and to be honest I can live 
without it.

Unfortunately, my phone is an NEC e616 which keeps crashing. It wasn't 
until I'd had the phone for a while that someone told me it was powered 
by Micro$oft.... then I understood the reason why. ;) Others have had no 
problems with theirs. Because of the Bill Gates angle, my advice is - 
Avoid NEC!

My contract is up in January, I think. I will soon be chasing Orange and 
Vodaphone to see if they will do me a similar deal to my current 
contract. If they will, I'll change like a shot as I don't need 3G and I 
don't want an NEC e616!

If you are looking for advice, I'd say go for the bundle offered, don't 
use the content and make sure you get a Nokia if you can. After 12 
months, use the contract to improve your negotiating position with your 
favoured 2G player (if you just need a phone!).

Oh! BTW, someone mentioned service within Wolvo... I haven't had a 
problem with mine heading in to town on the A4123. No problem at the 
Molineux or indeed heading out on the Stafford Road to the M54

I hope some of this may help.

Good luck!


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