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Wed Oct 20 13:09:20 BST 2004

On Wednesday 20 Oct 2004 11:55, The wise and knowledgeable squire triG 

> I'm trig, im never mature.. nor will I ever be :P

Give it time. 

My daughters were talking to the wife the other afternoon; "You know mum your 
good when it comes to cuddles and comfort, Dad is good for buying us things, 
by the way, what time will dad be home!!"

My fondest memory was when they were younger, we was in Walsall and they 
wanted something or other and I said I didn't have the money, "Why don't you 
go to the cash point then dad?"


I agree with your sentiments regarding bringing the first boyfriend home, its 
my intension to be 'embarrassing dad' i.e. wait till they organise a night 
club outing, get there first and be doing that spacky dance your dad does 
when they walk in :-) (Only kidding)



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