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Wed Oct 20 13:19:55 BST 2004

Peter Cannon wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 Oct 2004 11:55, The wise and knowledgeable squire triG 
> proclaimed:
>>I'm trig, im never mature.. nor will I ever be :P
> Give it time. 

at 25 I decided it was time to start a family but I still don't feel 
*grown up*.  I am certainly more mature than at any other time but that 
could be due to the grey hairs (you should ask ade where he has them ;-) 
) but I am still 17 inside.

> My fondest memory was when they were younger, we was in Walsall and they 
> wanted something or other and I said I didn't have the money, "Why don't you 
> go to the cash point then dad?"

yup I get that all the while.  The answer the money in the bank is for 
paying the bills gets the so pay on credit card.  You end up having to 
explain your fiscal policy to a 6 year old outside the toy shop.

mind you I do have a clever clogs and had to explain rain to him this 
morning.  I didn't know he was taking the piss until weather systems got 
on to the creation of the solar system via the tides.  You just can't 
tell if he really wants more information on a part of the answer or if 
he is just checking you know the answer.

> Kids!
> I agree with your sentiments regarding bringing the first boyfriend home

I have a younger sister and my dad and myself used to sit her boyfriends 
down and scare the shite out of them by asking their intentions, their 
plans for the future etc.

At 14 this is probably as scary as it gets ;-) We only got one that 
cottoned on we where taking the piss and he was too worldly wise for my 
sister so I had a nice chat later :-)


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