[Wolves] LUG meet follow-up

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 22 00:36:44 BST 2004

Having very little memory, I was forced to retrieve the following from 
backup storage:

Further to the discussion of ickle computers for MythTV last night, I 
happened upon this custom builder of Shuttle systems a couple of weeks 
ago. They are not really at the budget end of the market but wouldn't 
they look cool next to the hi-fi? 
The portable 17" flat screen is particularly smokey (it's probably from 
all the money being burned.)

T Shirts
My contribution to Aq's T-shirt links collection (perhaps one for the Wiki?)
and my personal favourite
Jinx http://www.jinx.com/  (though I might be reluctant to give them a 
credit card number)

Exim mail server
The 'First International Exim Conference' and Exim tutorials are before 
the UKUUG  event in February in Brum. Am I the only person who didn't 
know that LISA means 'Large Infrastructure Systems Administration'? Aq 
must be right that it is a big job!

Picture frame, MP3, MPEG (more than £10 though)
Just stick "WIFI picture frame" into Google.


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