[Wolves] duel booting with 2x *nix

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Thu Oct 28 14:21:15 BST 2004

Simon Burke wrote:
> I know duel booting is really easy to setup these days, but just a
> thought, I've never duel booted with two *nix OS's so i do not
> know this.
> Is it possible to use a single swap partition for multiple distro's on
> one machine?
> If so would it impair stability or stuff? And would it be possible to
> do so with BSD and linux?
> Im just curious. All my Ix86 dekstops have atleast 160gb HDD space
> (over 1.5Tb in total at present), so i may give it a try later on
> tonight.

Yeah you can do that with two linuxes (or two BSDs) no problem.  With 
BSD & Linux though you have to follow the howto in tdlp.


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