[Wolves] Advice on Debian...

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Thu Oct 28 16:58:30 BST 2004

> It takes a while to update, but you can update whenever you want and be 
> current, this can be once a day or once a year.

I read a short while ago about a new distro from some of the founders of 
redhat (or at least key people from there) which had changesets instead 
of packages, so there was no need to download the entire package just to 
change a comment in a config file etc.

>> 3) If I choose Stable for my servers, how do I stand for running
>> more-up-date software - e.g. Apache 2.0

If you go with sarge (soon to be released, quite stable) you'll be able 
to use apache2 etc.

Personally, I've used apache2 on ubuntu and found it near identical (in 
terms of configuration) to "stock" debian testing.

For what it's worth the easiest way to install Debian is (assuming you 
have some bandwidth) to boot from a knoppix cd, alt+ctrl+f1, and run 
"knx2hd" (you might need to manually partition the disk wiht fdisk etc, 
not sure if knx2hd will do partitioning or not). I've found this to be 
quick and pretty good.. once it's done, check /etc/apt/sources.list and 
run apt-get update , apt-get upgrade -y


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