[Wolves] VNC

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Sun Oct 31 17:54:54 GMT 2004

Mo Awkati wrote:
> Hi Folk
> Can anyone suggest a good vnc app I could start using
> so  I can give help to the people I am switching over
> to Linux. I use SuSE 9.0 pro but might be going over
> to 9.2 pro when it comes out. 
> I looked at the website for REAL VNC but to be honest
> could'nt quite get my head around it. I just need
> something easy and secure.

VNC is explicitly not secure. As regards a VNC app, what's wrong with 
the standard vncviewer? It's in the Debian archive, so I assume that 
it's equally available for SuSE. If you want security (which you should 
have, if you're using VNC over the internet) then you should *not* have 
a machine accessible via VNC over the internet. Instead, allow SSH 
access to that machine, and then tunnel a VNC connection over the SSH 
connection. If that is complete gibberish, then I can explain in more 
detail :-)


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