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Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Wed Sep 8 03:05:34 BST 2004

Stuart Langridge wrote:

> Old Dan wrote:
>>>> 7. Dan (first time in months, in a leaner, fitter version :) )
>>> Lean as in "lean and mean" or "lean and eager to buy us all curry 
>>> again"? :)
>> Lean as in 'Lost 2 stones since the last meet he went to'.
> I've lost two pairs of sunglasses since the last meet I went to, if 
> that counts.

Actually Aq it is in part your fault that I have gone on this drive.  
IIRC someone remarked jokingly about your girth at one time and I 
laughed - you replied with 'you're not allowed to laugh at that!  He is, 
but you're not!' or something like that.  I looked down at my own 
stomach and realised that you were right.

Thinking about it, ta for that. :)

> Yes, I am annoyed about this? Why do you ask? :)

You can't be annoyed about a fellow Linuxer gaining a few years on his 
life, even if it is me, surely... :)


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