[Wolves] GPRS network cards

Barbie barbie at missbarbell.co.uk
Sat Sep 11 07:16:23 BST 2004

From: "Ade" <adrian.bradshaw at gmail.com>

> I remember JJ was saying that he had used one and that it was more
> stabe under linux than under Windows

He does indeed have one, but hes a bit incommunicado at the moment. I was
wondering if anyone else had any experience of them and whether they had any
preference or problems they'd encountered. Thankfully the company are likely
to pay for this, along with my trip round the Med [1], but I need to find
something that works with Linux and has good coverage around Eastern Europe.

[1] Linux Lunacy IV (http://www.geekcruises.com/top/ll4_top.htm) & The Perl
Whirl (http://www.geekcruises.com/top/pw4_top.htm)


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