[Wolves] Non-wednesday meet - we need *your* feedback

fizzy fizzyorguk at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 13 10:36:51 BST 2004

Monday Meet
20th September at The Standard, Cleveland
Street, Wolverhampton, from 19:30.


1. PeterC (good for me)
2. Ad - shouldn't be a prob
3. Dan (good for me too)
4. Helen (as long as I get plenty of notice *which*
5. Ade
6. Aq.
7. James
8. Mo

No Go:
1. Matt (new uni course on Monday eves, could
come late I s'ppose)
2. SimonB, ok so i dont show up much nayway but moday
would be worse at the momment.

Late Go:
1. Ron (Scouts 'til 9)
2. fizz (theatre until 9ish)

Bloody B3ta loving, iPod wearing fool, in my skate tshirts and duffle coat.

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